Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent High Waist Jammer Psycho Red/Black/Silver

Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent High Waist Jammer Psycho Red/Black/Silver

Speedo Speedo
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Product description

The racing swimsuit Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent High Waist Jammer has two compression layers and ergonomically shaped seams that connect important muscle groups for better power transmission. The panels provide different compression at the particular places. Nevertheless, the compression is large.

The swimsuit has an internal seam on the briefs that collects energy. This should help you at the kicks. The seams are much more flexible and make the swimsuit easier to put on. The swimsuit has a special texture that reduces friction. These racing swimsuits are suitable for short distance races.

Fastskin is a label for Speedo products that are designed for the best hydrodynamics in water. It's a swimming equipment designed for racing and performance swimmers to reach the most optimal performance. In the Speedo Fastskin range you will find complete equipment. The main ones are, of course, swimwear, goggles and caps that are homologated by FINA, but you can also find training equipment like kickboards, hand paddles and fins. The main success of these technologies is that Speedo carried out a 3D scan of elite swimmers and, through computer simulation, then conducted research and calculations on the resistance and durability of materials.

Swimwear provides an advanced level of compression that ensures maximum support fo body and its stability.

The glued seams will ensure the reduced friction that are involved in increasing your speed. It also ensures perfect body alignment and freedom of movement.

The swimwear have elasticated waistband for better tightening and comfortable wearing.

The fastening string guarantees comfort. You can fasten the swimsuit by the string and you don't have to worry anymore that the swimsuit will fall down when you jump in the water.

Approved and certified by the International Swimming Federation FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation). It meets all international standards and allows start at prestigious races.



Size UK 20 22 24 25 26 28 30
B) Waist (cm) 67-73 73-80,5 80,5-84 84-87 87-91,5 91,5-96 96-102
C) Hips (cm) 84-88 88-94,5 94,5-99 99-102 102-106,5 106,5-111 111-117


Parameter Description
Material Fastskin
Features Advanced compression
Glued seams
Cord Gum
Fastening string
Homologation FINA
Color Pink
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Size chart



Size UK 20 22 24 25 26 28 30
B) Waist (cm) 67-73 73-80,5 80,5-84 84-87 87-91,5 91,5-96 96-102
C) Hips (cm) 84-88 88-94,5 94,5-99 99-102 102-106,5 106,5-111 111-117


The Speedo brand is one of the world’s top 3 swimming brands. It was founded in 1914 in Australia by Alexander MacRae, and in 1927 the first Racer Back swimsuit saw the light of day. Speedo gained worldwide attention between 1932 and 1936 thanks to the sponsorship of the Olympic Games. Since the beginning of its participation in the swimming world, it has been dressing racing sport swimmers, who win in their swimsuits and represent their countries.

The fact that the brand is not just for racing sport swimmers was also demonstrated by the introduction of advanced swim trunks, which do not cover the upper part of the body and briefs without longer pant legs. The development of the materials was gradual and led Speedo to a high quality chlorine-resistant Endurance fabric. Today it’s known as Endurance10 or Endurance+. In 2000, the brand released the Fastskin swimsuit, thanks to which world records were broken.

The desire to still conquer the swimming world was underscored on their 80th birthday with the introduction of the new LZR Racer racing swimsuit. Michael Phelps swam in this swimsuit from Speedo and won 8 gold medals. The brand does not only address swimwear, but also other needs for swimmers, such as swimming goggles, caps, aids and accessories. It continuously and globally promotes a healthy lifestyle through water movement, constantly advancing and addressing not only racing sport swimmers.


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