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Returns and exchanges

How to proceed with exchange or returns of goods?

When you return/ exchange the goods within 30 days:

1) Put the unworn goods in the original box together with a copy of invoice and stickers (if they were part of the package)
2) Wrap the box so that no damage will be done during the transport. For this purpose it is the best to use overwrap, paper, plastic bag or a bigger box (please do not put any tape directly on the box as it would derogate it value).
3) Send the wrapped goods to our address:

For EU orders: Swimaholic, U Průhonu 17, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic

Please note that postage for the package is at your expense.
4) Send us an e-mail to confirming you are sending us the goods back. In the email please include your order number and the new shoe-size.

After receiving the package, we will control the goods and refund your money back within 3 bussines days either on you bank- or PayPal account. 
Exchange time depends on our current stock situation. If we have the required size in stock, we will send you the new shoes immediately. If the shoes are labelled with "availability within 7-10 days" the exchange should be handled within a 7-10 days. 
We will inform you via e-mail about dispatching your package.


Conditions for return or exchange of goods

1) Goods have to be returned within 30 days from delivery.
2) Returned goods were not worn and they can be sold again.
3) Goods have to be wrapped in the original box without any damage (e.g. by tape)
4) Returned goods cannot be damaged in any way.

The return shipping costs are at your own expense.

We recommend that you insure the package for the amount of goods price. This is incase the package is lost or damaged upon its return to us (ask your delivery company about this service). If the package is lost or damaged upon its return, you will not be able to receive your refund.

How to proceed with returning of faulty goods?

First of all it is necessary to read our return policy where you can find all the rights and duties of buyer as well as vendor.

Return policy

1. The goods should be returned without delay, right after the fault has been discovered. Continuous wear of your shoes may increase any existing damage to them, which may be a reason for us to refuse your claim.

2. The warranty period for all goods is 24 months starting from the date of delivery.

3. The warranty period should not be mistaken for the durability of any goods. Durability refers to the goods' ability to endure wear, tear and decay when used appropriately and taken care of, considering their purpose, properties and differences in frequencies of wearing.

4. In case the buyer receives goods that do not correspond to the description on the website or have any faults, he/she must inform the vendor about the issue without delay (up to 5 days after receiving the goods) via e-mail or phone.

5. If the buyer receives damaged or faulty goods, he/she has the right to file a claim towards the vendor.

6. Under fault is understood as a change in the properties of goods that was caused by the use of unsuitable or low quality material, breach of production process or unsuitable construction solution.

7. A change in the properties of goods during the warranty period is not considered as a fault if the change is the result of inadequate wearing, lack of or insufficient care, natural changes of material, damage caused by the buyer or third party and/or any other incorrect interference.

8. The claim is considered properly filed if the returned goods are complete and no breach of hygiene was caused. The buyer is obliged to return the goods clean and without any hygienic deficiencies. The company Swimaholic s.r.o. operating the e-shop has right to refuse your claim if the returned goods do not fulfil the principles of general hygiene (based on Regulation 91/1984 of the Czech national collection of laws).

9. Your claim, including elimination of the fault, will be processed within 30 days after it has been properly filed. An authorised employee can arrange a longer period with the buyer in justified cases.

10. The buyer has to send the claim form together with the goods and a copy of the invoice to the following address: Swimaholic, U Průhonu 17, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic.

When you return the goods after 30 days

1) Clean the goods you want to return (see point 8 in return policy).
2) Wrap the clean goods in a way that no further damage can occur during the transport. In this case a box is the best solution (although it does not have to be the original box). Enclose a copy of the invoice and a claim form (which can be downloaded HERE).
3) Send the goods to the following address: Swimaholic, U Průhonu 17, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech RepublicWe do not accept “cash on delivery” returns!

The return shipping costs are at your own expense.

As soon as we have received the returned goods, we will inform you about it via e-mail. This date also marks the start of the 30-day period within which your claim will be processed. You will be informed about all important aspects concerning your claim via e-mail or phone.

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